Something Beautiful to Prove Your Worth

I’ve been working on my 70s flower quilt too intently for too long, and the energy has gotten all tangled up in it, I am not enjoying myself anymore. So I fold the quilt up and put it in a bag with all the coordinating fabric scraps to give myself some space from it, even though my ego screams, “Don’t leave it unfinished! You need something beautiful to share so you can prove your worth!”

Meanwhile my intuition says: take a step back. Allow stillness and silence to unfold. I understand now why intuition takes so much care to cultivate. It has a softer quality than the dopamine hits of the ego. The likes on an Instagram post, the attention from Facebook friends, the fascination with the infinite scroll — all noise.

Like Odysseus I must tether myself to the mast of intuition and sail past the sirens of social media.

Wikipedia says, “Some post-Homeric authors state that the sirens were fated to die if someone heard their singing and escaped them, and after Odysseus passed by they flung themselves into the water and perished.”

If I followed that analogy to its natural end, maybe it means I can help to dismantle big tech simply through my refusal to head its call.


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